Praise for How to Kill Yourself Instead of Your Children:

“These poems are dying to stay tender in the plumage of rage. These poems are cry-laughing to keep from killing somebody. These poems are the knife’s edge of nightmare scoring the fertile threshold of song. They unflinchingly ask and answer: What use is a poem on this American killing floor and its cooling board of rhetoric?”
—Yolanda Wisher, author of Monk Eats an Afro, 3rd Poet Laureate of Philadelphia

“Quincy Scott Jones has the courage to take on the most difficult and vital subjects with stunning integrity and imagination. He’s the kind of writer our culture needs desperately.”
—D. Nurkse, author of Love in the Last Days

“How to Kill Yourself Instead of Your Children is a fulcrum—a prism redirecting light onto inescapable truths, balancing, even, current events like the Rittenhouse, Charlottesville, and McMichael verdicts. Jones’ candor shines directly in our eyes and does not let us look away.”
—teri elam (Heavy Feather Review)


10% of all profits from the sale of this book will be donated by C&R Press to Black Women’s Blueprint.